Quality Made in Italy


Skaj’s, flavour of tradition from 1948

The brand SKAJ’S® was found in Italy in 1948 when, from an American recipe was created the first vegetable broth and condiment.  First this product was sold exclusively to public corporations and communities, later it was supplied to chemist’s as well.

Through the establishment of the factory, the company invested in new, more effective and more efficient production technologies in order to increase the product range, always focusing the main target: to create healthy flavor solutions for its customers.

Up to this days the company supplies the large scale retail trade, retailers or directly the end-consumer.
A Private Label service can be offered, which means the possibility to create your own product with your own label and packaging, to better meet your customer needs.

Our high quality standards, applied in our production process, distinguish the whole product range of condiments, vegetable broth and prepackaged meals.


For our customers safety our raw materials, as well as our suppliers are meticulously selected and our production processes are kept under constant quality control, certificated with the ISO 9001:2015.
Therefore our clients can rely on high quality and genuine products.
A special focus lies on our products for those, who have to struggle with food intolerance such as Coeliac or Celiac disease, but our products are also for those who wants to have a healthy and a good taste.